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By Meg Ashley

Through the Corner of Circles


In a world devastated by cataclysm and hopelessness, Tate Iyumni searches for hope. On the verge of a deadly storm, Tate is drawn through the corner of circles into another world, that is teetering on implosion. In the war-torn realm of Agadah, Tate must fight to survive the onslaught of Skoto, a mad ruler, hell-bent on draining the life force of the land and its people.  As Tate comes to grips with her past she unravels a prophecy that can shut the maw of destruction Skoto has unleashed and save her world from a similar fate.

Best Selling Author

Meg Ashley

Meg Ashley knew she was a writer at 17 years old, and in the late 60s saw several of her poems added to the plethora of new voices rising out of that tumultuously creative time.

In the 80s her first novel, Meg, moved into the mainstream market and was translated and published in four European countries, and throughout the U.S.

Meg went on to author a young adult mystery series, The Boardinghouse Adventure novels. Her success brought her to work as a screenwriter at World Wide Pictures where she penned (as Peggy Gabel) the feature film, Corrie – The Lives She’s Touched. Meg went on to provide scripts for Morris Cerullo’s internationally distributed ministry saga set in the Middle East.

Meg’s latest novel, Through the Corner of Circles touches on the genres of mythical realism and high fantasy. This hero’s journey is set as a Lakota Sioux vision quest, and tells the story of a young Lakota woman, Tate’, who is ostracized as a witch by her people, and crosses into a parallel universe to fight a battle that will shake the foundations of all realities.

Other Books

Secret of the Old House: Boarding House Adventure 1

When Beth and her mother inherit an old farmhouse in the Idaho woods, they decide to renovate it and take in boarders unaware that the old house holds a dangerous secret.

Lights in the Lake: Boarding House Adventure 2

Two young people who live in a boarding house in a small Idaho town are led by their curiosity to investigate rumors of a submarine in the lake, only to find themselves involved in serious danger with international implications.

Deserted Rooms: Boarding House Adventure 3

Bones found in an empty cistern in the boarding house lead Beth and Joey to a treasure an old lady died to protect.

Danger on the Quarry Path: Boarding House Adventure 4

Beth and Joey become involved in Middle Eastern politics when a train crash brings the crown prince of Shamir to the boarding house.

Constructing the Novel Workbook

You have a book inside you but you don’t know where to start. “Constructing the Novel” will take you from your idea all the way to how to market your finished work. This isn’t a technical work; it’s easy to read, easy to understand, and has examples illustrating the different points. Written by internationally published author Meg Ashley. Originally meant to be the companion book for the class, taught by Meg for 10+ years to collegiate/adult students, but this workbook is complete within itself. If you’re not certain you don’t know all you need to know about how to write a novel, then this workbook is a great investment.

Meg: A true story of courage and faith in the darkest of circumstances

“Pregnant again. And this time she was betrayed, alone a 23 year old woman with one divorce behind her and a two year old child to care for. Where was the unfailing love that Meg Ashley had been searching for? Would it always lie just beyond her reach? Perhaps there was no such love, perhaps it was all a lie. Meg had to know.”

Through the Corner of Circles – quarterfinalist in Amazon’s Breathrough Novel Contest in 2009 and 2010

This piece works beautifully to capture the reader’s attention and interest. The plot is very original and language-driven in its movement; the prose, which sesms crafted wth a rare attention to the subtleties and nuance of the main character, moves the plot forward and offers us a solid point of entry into this finctional, yet altogether believable, world. This neoval seems to address compelling issues of the balance between solitude and community, between mere survival and genuine existence, between ancient history and the present age.

– Authors Guild

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